The DRCE Fundraising Committee invites join us in virtuous generosity practice. Through this practice you will accumulate great merit, which is the cause of wealth and happiness. 

This year's fundraising goals for the Dzogchen Retreat Center Europe are:
1) Our BIG goal: renovating the well house.
2) Our MEDIUM goal: making the second floor ‘sleeping-bag-ready’.
3) Our SMALL goal: candles for the DRCE.

Our Summer Retreat is coming closer. We are full of joy that we are going physical again! Enjoy the golden summer days of late August together with our Sangha in the beautiful mountains of Austria.

From 19th to 28th of August 2022 our precious Dharma Teacher Markus Amann will lead a nine-day-retreat on The Buddha Path at the DRCE, with a special focus on visualization- and prostration-practice.

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Dzogchen Buddha Path Teachings Calendar

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5th of May 6.00-7.30 CEST Intentional Happiness: How to End the Reactions that Cause - Dharma Acharya Mary Orton

6th of May a practice day at the DRCE

Friday, May 13 – Monday, May 16 2022 Dzogchen Buddha Path 74-Hour Global Tara Event

17th of May in Vienna, evening teaching, 4th in a series of five Topic: The Basic Principles of Buddhism by Dharma Teacher Markus Amann


Friday 1st of April - 19:00-20:30 MET Public teaching by Bodhi Lama Erik Jung: "Transforming Inner Peace to Outer Peace"
2. April 2022 European Dakini Day
9. April 2022 Generosity Opportunity Announcement Event
10.–16. April 2022 The 2022 European Spring Internet Teaching Program with Bodhi Lama Erik Jung

Friday, April 29 to Sunday, May 1 Spring work retreat at DRCE


March - Great Miracles and Positive Transformation

Joyfully clean out and organize the house and donate/recycle.

Thursday, March 3rd through Friday, March 18th, 2022 Dzogchen Buddha Path Great Miracle Event

Saturday, March 26, 10:00 MET. Wordly teaching by Andreas Kvarda: "Climate Change - Bodhicitta and Positive Thinking for Future, not only on Fridays!" Giving some more detailed insights regarding the ecological interdependence of all beings and phenomena on this precious blue Planet, and why it concerns us as Buddhist practitioners.

Monday 28th of March 19:30-21:00 MET Public teaching by Bodhi Lama Erik Jung: "Finding Peace in Turmoil"

Wednesday, March 31, 5:00 MET. Worldly teaching by Dr. Rick Stiggins: "Keys To Supporting Persistent, Confident, Motivated Learning As A Teacher: An Interactive Discussion About The Emotional Dynamics Underpinning Student Learning."

February - Increasing Loving Relationship & Generosity

25th of February 19:00-20:00 MET Worldly teaching by Dharma Teacher Markus Amann: "Giving Criticism"

11th of February 19:00-20:00 MET Worldly teaching by Dharma Teacher Heini Ilmarinen: "Accumulating the Ability to do Anything"

13th of February 17:30-18:45 MET The European Valentines Light Festival You are invited to join this joyful event to develop connection with Sangha and learn from our precious Bodhi Lama Rita about cultivating beneficial relationships. We will also engage in the Light Offering Prayer together to bring light to this dark time of the year and spread wisdom light to all beings to dispel all darkness and ignorance.



7.1.2022 Wordly teaching: Sigrid Schmidl-Amann “ Placebos and Nocebos” - 19.00 MET


21.1.2022 12:00 (noon) MET - 23.1.2022 13:30 MET European Dzogchen Buddha Path January Weekend Teaching Program (Online) with Bodhi Lama Lau Kin “Extensive Commentary on the Learning Practice of the Dzogchen Buddha Path“ Requirements: it is only accessible for Buddhist practitioners with daily practice for at least one year and participation in at least two 9-days-retreats or ITTP.